Democracy, a form of government in which people are given the privilege to choose their government legislators, guarantees human rights and an independent judiciary. Seen as a way of fair judgement, many countries such as Iceland, Finland, New Zealand and plenty others, have begun to integrate democracy into their nations.

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History of Democracy

The concept of democracy is believed to have originated from Athens, Greece in 508 BC. However, there has been exceptional evidence proving that the democratic system of government may have been implied long before that time, in other parts of the world, but on a smaller scale.

In Athens, a…

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Understanding one another is the key to communication. However, when communicating we may face issues such as language barriers. These barriers prevent us from having free flowing conversations, thus making it strenuous for us to convey the valuable perspectives we withhold. Communication should be the most convenient way to understand one another. However, the difficulties created by language barriers critically impacts the way we express our message, especially in activism, in which an individual’s main goal would be to assert a personal perspective, thus making language barriers an extensive issue.

What are the language barriers in activism ?

Although, we may abide within the same country, live in…

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. Since its international release almost four years ago, TikTok has grown especially popular amongst the Gen-Z and millennial demographic. With nearly 690 million monthly active users in 155 different countries, it is now the seventh-largest platform in terms of users, beating some of its older rivals like Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest.

No digital platform is perfect. As popular and well-loved TikTok is, it has also faced a lot of criticism, ranging from the sexualisation of children to the toxic environment within the app. …

Disclaimer: This article is written based on the opinion of the author and does not in any way reflect the view of the organisation.

Social norms, attitudes and practices of urban millennials in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. | Source: GENDER EQUALITY MATTERS 2020 (

Opening thoughts

During one of many conversations I had with an acquaintance, we had discussed the formation of UN Women and the basis of how this organisation was formed. “Since there is an organisation representing women in the UN, should we not have organisations that represent all other genders to be formed?”. This line spoken struck rather deeply within me as I found myself contemplating that very question even after the conversation was over.

Over the past decades…

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Books have been used since ancient times to convey opinions and attitudes. It is our means of letting others know what resides in our busy minds, and each person owns that ability — that freedom to lay out those exact thoughts bare on blank paper. In current society’s constantly evolving definition of what it means to be free, we are always trying to figure out the best possible way to express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. But what if that is taken away from us? What if the ‘freedom of speech’ that was so eagerly promised to us was limited…

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On February 24th 2021, 1,086 Myanmar nationals seeking asylum in Malaysia was abruptly, and perhaps brazenly, repatriated back to their home country on three naval vessels sent by the Myanmar military who weeks ago have declared the results of the national election the past November fraudulently and initiated a brutal takeover of the country. This once again ripped the power of governance from the civilian leaders such as Aung San Suu Kyi, as well as members of the National League of Democracy (NLD). While many would feel happy to return to their homeland, these Myanmar citizens, however, mostly felt sorrow…

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Everard was kidnapped from the streets on March 3. Her body was found 7 days later in a wooded area of Ashford Town in Kent in a builder’s bag after her identity was verified through dental records. Wayne Couzens, a serving police officer, was charged with Everard’s kidnapping and murder on Friday, March 12. It is important to note that Couzens is also suspected of indecent exposure at a fast food restaurant in a separate incident three days prior to Everard’s abduction.

Unable to suppress the grief and anger of the injustice towards a sister of their own, women across…

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On February 10th, Sugarbook founder Darren Chan published a post boasting the top 10 local universities with the highest number of sugar babies. These statistics claimed that not just hundreds, but thousands of students from elite universities were using Sugarbook to finance their lifestyle. This insight sparked an uproar in the Malaysian public, which consists of a socially conservative Muslim-majority.

Before we dive any deeper, let’s address some key questions.

What is Sugarbook and sugar dating?

Sugarbook is an online sugar dating website “where romance meets finance”. It matches “sugar daddies” to “sugar babies”, or older and generally more well-off men to young women. …

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On the 28th of June 2012, the United Nation General Assembly established 20th March as the International Day of Happiness. It is celebrated to acknowledge the importance of happiness and well-being as global goals and values throughout the lives of people and the relevance of their awareness of sustainable development goals. It also identified the need for a more equitable, inclusive and structured framework for economic expansion that seeks to promote sustainable development, alleviate poverty, and happiness for everyone.

There is no formal definition of happiness; we notice it when we feel it, and the term often refers to a…

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