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The stodgy arena of politics is inarguably designed to demotivate us, particularly in an entrenched culture of elitism, cronyism and gerontocracy. The corridors of power in Malaysia have evidently been dominated by the same personalities for decades. These very people consistently adhere to the narrative that contemporary society is rife with political apathy among youth leading to a general scepticism of our capabilities. It has become a popular belief that the youth lack the maturity, experience and knowledge to make informed decisions. A recent survey by public opinion pollster Merdeka Center revealed that more than two-thirds of youths have no…

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“Please follow the SOP, remember to wear your face mask whenever you are out.”

“How could you forget to bring your hand sanitizer along?”

Since then, we have been bombarded with the issues of COVID-19, either when we first wake up in the morning or before we go to bed at night. Whether it’s at dinner, watching TV, or even conversation between pals, COVID-19 seems to be the topic on everyone’s mind these days.

A year and a half later, we are still in dire straits and the situation seems to be worse than ever, especially with the emergence of…

Disclaimer: the following article is written based on the views of the writers and does not reflect the views of the organisation. In addition, while the writers urge that you support Palestine, please do not resort to anti-Semitism as a form of showing solidarity.


The ongoing violence between Israel and Palestine is mostly stated as a ‘conflict’, be it on social media or on many international news channels. This is the result of a lengthy history of tension and struggle dating back to World War I. While it is easy to chalk it up to two religions fighting for land…


In the 1950s, Jim Jones established the People’s Temple. What started out as a preach for utopia has led to the mass suicide-murder of more than 900 followers of Jones, also known as the Jonestown Massacre.

Though the People’s Temple is an extreme case, cults are not uncommon. Thousands of cults exist around the world. But how does one actually define a cult, and how is it any different from the mainstream religion?

What is a cult?

Source: South China Morning Post

On 26th March, popular foreign fashion brands in China with the likes of Swedish H&M and American Nike found themselves in hostile territory overnight. All of a sudden, their products were shunned by Chinese consumers and their physical stores completely shuttered or avoided. This is one of the many cases where the increasingly sensitive public in China has taken to great lengths to tell foreign critics and sceptics that once a red line has been crossed, consequences will follow. Past examples included the Philippines who found its fruit exports affected by deliberate export restrictions over Scarborough Shoals disputes; South Korea…


they liberate my mind,

from the prejudice of the crowd, laziness of my psychology

of which the elite and powerful fain to dine.

The world is complex — can’t be known with views of one kind:

Such plot in the short-term feels comforting, but long term blind.

One ought to, instead, listen confessions that transcend space and time,

from Übermensch, flâneur, manqué, who wrote in various culture and clime,

because slowly but surely, they break one’s habits to nod and align,

Making one confidently announce: “I read, therefore I am”

even — if it’s a crime


they humble…

As explored in The Façade of Democracy article, democracy isn’t truly democratic and this has become even more evident today. The voices of minorities are not heard when politicians are busy pleasing the majority groups whose votes will help them win the election. Elections are manipulated in the interest of the ruling party by the introduction of bills that will infringe on voters’ rights and gerrymandering. So what can be done to make democracy actually democratic?

Introducing sortition democracy, a type of democracy that has been dormant for thousands of years but has recently been revived in modern societies.


What is sortition democracy?


Source: 4D Human Being

Let’s start by pondering over this question: How much work is considered enough? There’s no definite answer — after all, everyone has their own opinions on this. Some may say that the standard 9–5pm is sufficient. Others may only feel satisfied once they’ve worked all day and night non-stop. Because there’s no parameters defining the extent of enough in the working world, overworking has become far more likely than should be deemed normal.

Overworking has, for a long time, prevailed in the typical workplace. Dating back to the Industrial Revolution, when jobs moved from tilling on the farm to manufacturing…

Source: Malaysia to probe protest police brutality claims

The police are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining peace, ensuring the people’s safety and to enforce the law. Police are held to a higher standard because of their responsibility. Yet in recent months, cases of police brutality have come under the spotlight, both internationally and in Malaysia. The term brutality stands for any physical or psychological harm done to a person. That being said, what is police brutality? If you relate back to what brutality stands for, it is when any police officer uses excessive and unnecessary force in any situation, it can be accounted as police brutality.


Source: healthshots

Dear reader,

How are you doing? Have you been feeling alright?

In wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it comes to no one’s surprise that the level of stress, anxiety and depression faced by many of us have soared. It is unfortunate to report that between March 18 and October 30th 2020, 266 suicide cases were reported in Malaysia, one out of four of those suicide cases being committed by teenagers aged 15 to 18.

Although we have been dealing with this virus and this pandemic for a long period of time, do not feel ashamed if you’re not feeling your best right…

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